Our Construction FAQ’s!

If you are searching for a reliable and proficient building contractor in the Bellaire, MI region, you don’t need to look any further. Reed Builders is here to speak with you about your desires and needs. If you have a construction plan in mind and wonder how to execute it, turn to our team of skilled builders. We are available to meet your construction & home improvement needs. Here is more information:


  • What do you specifically do? Along with general new construction, we can be of great help with roofing, siding, or renovation projects. We do house additions, remodels, tile, and flooring installation as well.


  • Do you have the necessary training and skills? Yes, you can bet on that. All our team members have undergone training courses and received the necessary certificates. We have handled a great number of construction and remodeling jobs in the past. So get in touch with us without hesitation.


  • Can you help me make my kitchen more functional? Yes. Once we confirm all the details, materials, and the style you have chosen, our remodelers will begin the job. Whether the changes are large or small, we can provide you with appropriate ideas and suggestions.


  • I have a small bathroom. Can you make it look bigger? Of course. There are some tricks our workers can use to make it look and feel more spacious. For example, we recommend painting the walls and the ceiling in light tones, install tile from the floor up to the ceiling, and mount a large mirror. If you have a small shower cabin, you can use a frameless shower enclosure with plain glass for a smashing effect.


  • How about your rates? Our construction and remodeling services are very affordable. You can get in touch with Reed Builders for building and home improvement services at competitive rates.


  • Can you assist me in choosing the right design for my new home? Naturally! This is one of our specialties. Our team will meet with you to discuss your project. The house design you choose has to be based on your lifestyle, needs, the age of your family members, and more. For instance, if you live with seniors with special needs, maybe you should consider installing special ramps, grab bars, and even an indoor elevator for people in a wheelchair. We will also talk about your budget and suggest the materials and styles that fit.


  • Can I buy materials for my home remodeling? Yes, you can. But unless you wish to pay thousands of dollars for materials with questionable quality, you better leave that task to our professionals. We work with reliable suppliers in Bellaire, MI who offer us quality materials at reasonable prices.


  • Can you recommend¬†home improvement projects that will increase the value of my property? Kitchen and bathroom remodeling are among the leaders on the list. If you plan to sell your home, our company can execute the right renovation so you get the most out of your sale. Basement waterproofing and remodeling help too.


  • Can you transform my attic into an extra bedroom? Yes, we have done this before. All we need is to talk to you about details, like the number of windows, the type of furniture, heating & cooling, and much more. Do not forget to call our builders at (231) 216 0342.


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